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Wunderman House, 7 Federal Avenue
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South Africa


Donate by doing what you love
  1. Insight

    Millions of South African children face long walks of up to two hours to get to school, which means they’re often forced to stay at home. Qhubeka relies on public donations to supply children with bicycles, helping get them to school more easily, and they needed a new way to raise funds. With cycling culture booming in South Africa, we saw an opportunity.
  2. Ideas

    Instead of just asking people to donate money, we created the #DoYourPart mobile donation platform that enables cyclists to contribute to a real Qhubeka bicycle through simply riding their own bikes. A distance and value was assigned to every part – from a bell to a bike frame. Non-cyclists were also able to donate via the platform through SnapScan.
  3. Impact

    Soon after #DoYourPart launched, 200 children in Kylemore received their very own bikes. This enabled Qhubeka to reach their targets while ultimately bettering the lives of the less fortunate.