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Wunderman House, 7 Federal Avenue
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South Africa


Others see data – we see you
  1. Insight

    A single data profile based on age, gender, race, location and net worth describes both the Prince of Wales and Ozzy Osbourne. In order to serve a single individual, ordinary banks rely heavily on the aggregated data of thousands, losing the personal touch. We needed to show that Investec is truly out of the ordinary.
  2. Ideas

    We went out to prove that Investec understands that its customers are more complex than what the data about them suggests. We created data profiles for several individuals and, in a powerful short documentary, dismantled the flaws in that data. The content then drove customers through a microsite journey, ending in a conversation with a real banker.
  3. Impact

    The content got the highest content value rating in African Twitter history. It outperformed traditional ATL performance without ever flighting on TV and Google is publishing a white paper on the campaign as a best practice case study.