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Wunderman UK ask you to ‘Give A Sock’ about homelessness this Christmas

“Give a Sock” is a seasonal campaign by Wunderman UK providing much-needed new socks to those sleeping rough in Camden. Launching in partnership with the C4WS Homeless Project, the campaign aims to collect sackfuls of socks from local businesses, Wunderman staff and clients, other WPP agencies and the sector more broadly. The largest donation will receive a prize – definitely not socks!

“While the gift of socks on Christmas Day is often as unpopular as a serving of sprouts, those of us working with homeless people know that socks are a much needed item that can be in short supply, says Sam Forsdike from C4WS. “That comes as a bit of a surprise to most people. And that’s why Wunderman’s campaign provides exactly the boost that we need as we head deeper into what’s forecast to be one of the UK’s coldest winters in years.”

The campaign will run until 16th January when we will collect what we hope will be an overwhelming quantity of socks from participating organisations.

Already in full swing, we have kicked off initiatives such as the “Christmas Jumper and Sock Competition,” celebrating those with the most inspired combos! We will also reach out to industry figures known for their flamboyant dress sense, challenging them to post examples of their “sock-sense” on social media. Agencies can also show off their bulging sock-sacks using the hashtag #GiveASock.

Ian Haworth, Executive Creative Director at Wunderman comments: “Socks at Christmas are as traditional as roast turkey, knitted jumpers and nan asleep on the sofa. But like most people we’d never really thought about socks as a critical item for people sleeping rough. So when C4WS told us that socks are one of the least donated items, we knew that instead of the standard charity Christmas Card we wanted to do something much more practical.

“Facing a harsh winter on the streets without socks not only means cold toes, but also leads to nasty foot problems and disease. By asking people to join us and ‘Give a Sock,’ we can make a real difference to the lives of people who don’t have a home to go to.”

Sam Forsdike at C4WS Homeless Project adds: “A crisis can affect us at any time of the year. For us, it’s never right to be homeless, whatever period of the year. “With the ‘Give A Sock’ campaign, we’re tapping into the spirit of Christmas gift giving by encouraging people to donate one of the most essential items, which can help homeless people stay warm and avoid disease.”

Almost 300 people in Camden sleep rough on a typical night, and almost half are experiencing their first night on the streets.

Visit the ‘Give a Sock’ website here to watch the campaign video and for more campaign details.