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Wunderman UK launch digital content campaign for Legal And General

Legal and General’s January Life Insurance campaign launched in January 2017 with us creating a digital campaign to support J. Walter Thompson’s ATL creative. We have produced a long-form video acting as the hero piece of content at the centre of the campaign, which includes a written guide in partnership with an acclaimed child psychologist. The work will be distributed online across owned and paid channels.

The campaign, which is focussed on the theme of ‘protection’, is centred on how parents with young children think about life insurance and how it can help them protect their family’s wellbeing, as well as their financial security should the unthinkable happen.

To bring this to life, we have produced a heart-warming video which captures children explaining their biggest fears. As we are taken through a world of monsters, snakes and scary clowns, the outtake is that a child knows that their parents will always protect them.

To fulfil Legal & General’s commitment to “making life better”, the video will link through to a written guide in partnership with a prominent child psychologist, discussing ways in which parents can help their children feel safe and secure.

The campaign is part of our aim to build up a library relevant and engaging content with a more personal, human voice for Legal and General. Ultimately showing the deeper purpose, significance and concerns which inform Legal and General’s core customers.

Paula Llewellyn, Insurance Marketing Director of Legal and General, said: “No one likes to think about dying early, and parents with young children may find it particularly difficult to reflect on how their family would cope should the unthinkable happen. So our latest campaign focusses on how we can help parents feel good about their role in keeping their children safe and secure, and empowers them to continue doing so. We feel the content that Wunderman have produced for this campaign helps to demonstrate how we are supporting families in the UK, and demonstrates the brand’s commitment to “making life better”.”

Chris Daplyn, Managing Director of Wunderman UK, added: “They say you should never work with animals or children. But, in this campaign, it is the honest, unprompted thoughts directly from the kids that grabs you emotionally and inspires you to take action on a subject you’d probably rather not think about. This campaign is just part of a bigger digital strategy that will use content and experiences to connect with consumers and show that Legal and General is an accessible brand that cares.”

The campaign will run for one month in the UK.

See more on the campaign in Marcomm News here.