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Unati Moalusi

Chief People Officer

With a master's in psychology, years of experience in HR management and an innate capacity for empathy, Unati is a force for change in Wunderman SA's internal culture. She is passionate about the people who carry the business and the department that serve those people, she understands the integral role of employee attitude in any business.

Unati's appointment as chief people officer in 2018 triggered a shift in Wunderman SA's HR department and transformed the way in which the 'People Team' interacts with the 'people' they're meant to serve. Upon her arrival, she closely observed the cultural landscape of the business and engaged the employees to get a first-hand account of the conditions on the ground. She used the feedback as the foundation to build As'ringe; Wunderman SA's Goal Alignment and Performance Framework.

Unati's human-centred approach is inspired by her goal to create a compelling internal perception of the business, because when employees are happy in their work environment, they thrive and aspire to create exceptional work.

She recently acquired an internationally recognised qualification in consciousness coaching, focusing on self-awareness and awareness of others, which is the fuel that will ignite the potential in employees.