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Theo Ferreira

Chief Creative Officer

Theo’s primary focus as chief creative officer is to ensure that the agency is optimally placed to solve clients’ business challenges rather than to simply ‘make ads’. This means forging tighter connections within the agency, with stronger collaboration providing the scope to uncover new ideas, experiences and solutions.

Originally honing his skills as an ATL specialist in traditional media before moving into the digital space, although an unusual transition, it’s a practical manifestation of Theo’s advertising philosophy that the idea should dictate the medium, rather than the other way around. Theo’s dedication to exploring and amplifying creativity is now filtered through a digital lens, a challenge he relishes, especially since he believes creativity is lacking in this field.

A highly awarded creative with experience in judging some of the key local and international advertising festivals, Theo has gained multi-dimensional insights into marketing through his work at prominent South African agencies, as well as high-profile agencies overseas.

Find Theo on Twitter @theo_ferreira