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Not Your Typical First Day

No matter how experienced you are or how many different jobs you’ve worked, we all get a bit of the jitters on the first day of a new job. As luck would have it, I had bucket loads as I sat at reception on my first day at Wunderman SA. Being over an hour early should have helped me to relax, instead the longer I sat, the more butterflies filled my stomach. Waiting for time to pass, I sat nervously at reception fiddling with my phone. Little did I know that this was the last place to be nervous.

“Why are you here?” These words jolted me from my device. I turned to my left, thinking about how to answer only to find this question wasn’t directed at me. It was meant for 3 gentlemen sitting a stone throw away, waiting for their sandwiches from the coffee shop. I assumed they were somehow they weren’t supposed to be and returned to return to my gadget. But the response was one I couldn’t ignore. “To change the world,” one of the young fellas boldly replied. “Change the world, in a marketing agency?” I thought. As if reading my mind, he added “I am here because I want to make a difference in whatever I touch.” His colleague who had asked the question said “I wasn’t expecting that. Was actually about to complain about how it’s only Monday morning but you’ve just reminded me that I love what I do and that’s why I do it.” I remembered how I was complaining to friend about starting mid-December while other companies were closing for the year. But it was just then that I realised I was about to become a part of something great. We at Wunderman SA were working ‘round the clock to keep the machine well-oiled.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, I was escorted to my manager. As I walked onto to the second floor, a warm and welcoming aura engulfed me. Instead of stares, I got smiles. The awesomeness in the room was practically tangible. It was infectious too. But that’s not the only great thing here, far from it. At Wunderman SA, it’s not just about using your mind but flexing the body too. In the far corner of the office, a small white ball bounced back and forth between two creatives taking each other on in ping pong. Not too far from them stood a foosball table, which got multiple visits from varying ladies and gents throughout the day.

The day sped by, just a moment ago I was just arriving. Now here I was in the lift, relieved that day one was smooth sailing. “So how was your first day?” came a voice from the back of the lift. I couldn’t see the person who said it. Unlike this morning though, this person was definitely talking to me. He shuffled through the people in the lift and moved closer. I didn’t recognise him. He wasn’t amongst the people I was introduced to throughout the day. So how did he know it was my first day? He clearly had superpowers, that extended to mind reading too. Because before I could ask, he explained he happened to be at reception when I arrived. He even remembered my name. Wow! I was beyond impressed.

“Welcome to the family. I can’t wait to break bread with you.” These were the words that beautifully wrapped up what was an intriguing first day at Wunderman SA. Immediately I knew I had just become a part of something great, not just a company. This place is full of amazing beings and though they may be miracle-workers, they are not robots. Wunderman is made of people. Amazing people. If day one’s experience is anything to go by, I cannot wait to spend a couple of ‘forevers’ here.