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Haydn Townsend

Group CEO

Appointed as chief executive officer in January 2017, Haydn has been instrumental in driving Wunderman SSA’s transformation from a small direct marketing specialist to one of the largest leading digital agencies in South Africa.

A qualified chartered marketer, Haydn started at the core of consumer interaction: a call centre. This is where his understanding and consideration for consumer-centric marketing was fostered. Further honing his skills in additional areas of the marketing spectrum, including sponsorship and activations, Haydn has had the opportunity to work on both sides of the marketing fence, at smaller, niche agencies as well as at several large corporates.

Passionate about the evolution of digital marketing, and the role Wunderman SSA plays within the landscape, Haydn is focused on positioning Wunderman SSA’s marketing solutions as industry front-runners. In addition, Haydn is proud to lead a team that combines traditional advertising skills with digital concepts, as well as with those of mathematicians, data scientists, marketing technologists and customer experience experts, who all thrive on helping brands better understand their customers’ journeys.

Find Haydn on Twitter @Hnicity and LinkedIn.